Our Business

Our Business

Biomass Division

Biomass Division
  • Pelletizer manufacturing
  • Consulting on the use of pelletizers
  • Pellet stove sales

Halting Global Warming is Now or Never
Of the many environmental issues we face, the most pressing for humanity is stopping global warming. Under the 2005 Kyoto Protocol, member nations established targets for greenhouse gas reductions to be met in 2012.
Japan had a 6% reduction target (from 1990 levels). The national government set up the Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan to meet this target. Part of this plan has been the promotion of biomass fuel use, bioenergy, and other new energy sources through the "biomass town" initiative. A decision by the Cabinet in 2002 established a national bioenergy strategy that was renewed in 2006, and as of 2012 there were more than 300 "biomass towns" in Japan. A number of them have plans in place that incorporate the use of wood pellets.

Manufacturing Division

Manufacturing Division
  • The machining of precision parts
We have utilized our long experience as a manufacturer of high-precision machine parts to ensure the high reliability and durability of our pelletizers both inside and out. We use only traceable Japan-made materials to ensure high quality and durability. Our machines provide the dependability that is required as a stable means of producing energy to support business operations.

Sales Division

  • Environment and energy-related consulting
  • Sales of pellet-making machines, pellet manufacturing plants, pellet boilers, stoves
  • Wood pellet sales

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