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Our Products

Pelletizers: Wood Pellet-Making Machines

Pelletizers: Wood Pellet-Making Machines
Our machines take pulverized and dried sawdust and other ground wood material and pelletize it, creating cylindrical pellets. Flat die extrusion is used, with the raw material poured in from the top and pushed through holes in a die disk to compress and form the pellets, made entirely from the raw material with no additives. Our latest pelletizers are more compact than previous models with a space-saving footprint. It takes only five minutes from turning on the power to producing pellets, achieving greater time efficiency. They can also be used for manufacturing other products than solid fuel, further expanding business possibilities.

We sell three models of different standards― he TS-55, TS-220, and TS-550. Choose according to your need.

《Production Capacity》
TS-55 Max.50 kg/hour
TS-220 Max.250 kg/hour
TS-550 Max.500 kg/hour (wood pellets)

Our pelletizer works with any raw material

Our pelletizer works with any raw material

In addition to these materials, our machines can make pellets from many other materials that were once difficult to process―mixed trees, straw, coffee grounds, non-woven fabric, bagasse, RPF (refuse paper and plastic fuel), etc.

Three Features

  • High reliability/high durability
We have utilized our long experience as a manufacturer of high-precision machine parts to ensure the high reliability and durability of our pelletizers both inside and out. We use only traceable Japan-made materials to ensure high quality and durability. Our machines provide the dependability that is required as a stable means of producing energy to support business operations.

  • Excellent cost efficiency
Our pelletizers are aimed at supporting environmental conservation efforts and focus on cost effectiveness. Currently our pelletizers are used in municipalities across Japan that are designated "biomass towns," and have been adopted by fuel manufacturers and others. Our equipment makes it possible to manufacture wood pellets with high cost efficiency using a patent-pending high-pressure chip compression method. A pelletizer can be operated and managed by a single person, and the replacement of parts and other maintenance is straightforward. Replacement parts are shipped immediately to minimize downtime.

  • High quality
The raw material is wood without adhesives or any other preservatives to produce 100% wood pellets. We have conducted years of research on wood pellets, and developed a system to safely and reliably produce high-quality pellets no matter the type of material used―from tree bark to woody stem, or even bamboo or pine.

Why Pellets?

About Our Pelletizers (Wood Pellet-Making Machines)


Our Solid Record

We hold the top share of the Japanese domestic market. Currently our pelletizers are used in municipalities across Japan that are designated "biomass towns," and have been adopted by fuel manufacturers and others.
User Example
Wood pellet production
Watarai Electrical Construction Co., Ltd., Yamagata Prefecture
1 ton/hour plant, e.g. (TS-450 × 2 units)