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In recent years there has been a significant rise in interest in environmental protection and conservation. At the same time, global warming is predicted to have a devastating effect on humanity in the not-too-distant future.
To leave a planet to future generations that retains its abundance we need to take measures to halt global warming as soon as we can.
At Tosatech we performed extensive research to find ways that we could use the technologies that we had developed to benefit the environment. We arrived at wood pellets, a solid fuel with low environmental impact, and developed pelletizing machines dedicated to manufacturing wood pellets.
Wood pellets as a biomass fuel are a resource well-suited for Japan and other countries or regions that rely on managed forests. I would be greatly pleased to see our technologies contribute in helping to halt climate change.

Yuji Nakagawa, President & CEO

Company Details

Company Details
Company Name
Tosatech Co., Ltd.
3-1065-69 Miwakotohira,
Nankoku City, Kochi, Japan
Tel. +81(0)88-804-7500
Fax +81(0)88-804-7501
Business Fields
■Biomass Division
・Pelletizer manufacturing
・Consulting on the use of pelletizers
・Pellet stove sales


Established in Konan City, Kochi
Incorporated as Tosatech Ltd.
Nov. 2006
Certified as a company supporting innovation in management
Jan. 2007
Reorganized as Tosatech Co., Ltd.
Pelletizer pellet-making machine receives Kochi Local Industry Grand Prize
Apr. 2007
Head office relocated to present location Kochi Canning Co., Ltd.
established as an affiliate
Dec. 2007
Japan Bioenergy Co., Ltd. established as an affiliate
Dec. 2008
Pelletizer TS Series pellet-making machine receives Eco-Products Award
Steering Committee Chairperson's Award (Excellence Award) in the
Eco-Product Category at the 7th Eco-Product Awards